4D LABS Users

Behraad Bahreyni

Micromechanical systems and micro/nano-sensors

John Bechhoefer

Small particles and molecules in a feedback trap, DNA replication

Karen Cheung

BioMEMS microfluidics, implantable devices and sensors

Mu Chiao

MEMS and nanotechnology

Nancy Forde

Protein materials

Barbara Frisken

Characterization of micro and nanostructure in soft condensed matter systems

Byron Gates

Nanoscale materials synthesis and fabrication

Bonny Gray

Microfluidic and biomedical microinstrumentation

Steven Holdcroft

Polymer science and fuel cells

Rodney Herring

Electron holography

Bozena Kaminska

Flexible electronics and wireless sensor network

Woo Soo Kim

Printed electronics

Erik Kjeang

Sustainable energy systems

Albert Leung

Inertial sensors, Microelectromechanical Systems

Paul Li

Microfluidics for cells, DNAs, proteins and radiotracers

Danny Leznoff

Metal-Coordination Polymers for Materials Applications and Paramagnetic Organometallic/organo-actinide chemistry

Carlo Menon

Biorobotics and biomaterials

Matthew Moffitt

Self-assembled polymer materials

Pat Mooney

Defects in Novel Semiconductors and at Insulator/Semiconductor Interfaces

Ravin Narain

Polymer chemistry, nanomaterials and biomaterials

Alireza Nojeh


Tim Storr

Medical Imaging and Electronic Structure

Frank van Veggel

Optical and magnetic nanoparticles; bio-imaging, quantum computing

Simon Watkins

Semiconductor nanostructures

Zuo-Guang Ye

Piezo-/Ferroelectric Materials and Multiferroics

Hua-Zhong (Hogan) Yu

Sensors and DNA nano-electronics