4D LABS Announces the Acquisition of a New Atomic Force Microscope from Bruker and Systems for Research Corp.

September 22, 2015

The recent acquisition of a high resolution Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) at 4D LABS, manufactured by Bruker, provides industry and researchers with important surface characterization capabilities.  It will find immediate use in assessing new solar materials, green fuels, biomedical materials and devices, as well as patterned magnetic materials.

This announcement is significant to industry in BC who can use the cutting edge instrumentation to enhance their existing business objectives and accelerate future research and development milestones.  “The new AFM, combined with the expertise of the 4D LABS team, helps us speed our analysis and QC processes, opening a faster pathway for the development of new IP,” said Clint Landrock, Chief Technology Officer, Nanotech Security.

The AFM, manufactured by Bruker, complements the extensive suite of microscopy related tools purchased through Systems for Research, both of whom have also provided in-kind contributions in support of 4D LABS.

“Systems for Research is grateful for the opportunity to work in collaboration with such an impressive group of world class researchers at 4D LABS and Simon Fraser University,” said Jeff Pageau, Principal and CEO, Systems for Research. "The relationship we have with our clients extends beyond merely providing a product, to partnerships that allow us to participate in cutting edge research, that either seek out innovative solutions to problems, or assist with product development.”

The AFM is funded by the Canadian Foundation for Innovation and BC Knowledge Development Fund through the Prometheus Project: B.C.'s Multi-Institution Advanced Materials Science and Engineering Initiative.  The Prometheus Project brings together researchers and scientists from SFU, the University of British Columbia, the University of Victoria, and the British Columbia Institute of Technology, with a vision to deliver ground breaking material science innovations across all industries.

“The addition of a new high resolution AFM at 4D LABS, with the support of Systems for Research, will allow us to transcend beyond mere research, to help deliver real tangible solutions and innovations in the marketplace,” said Neil Branda, Executive Director of 4D LABS and Prometheus project leader.


About 4D LABS

4D LABS, is an applications- and science-driven research institute at Simon Fraser University, located in British Columbia, Canada, offering access to multiple facilities housing state-of-the-art equipment for academic, industrial and government researchers. We focus on accelerating the Design, Development, Demonstration and Delivery of advanced functional materials and nanoscale devices. Our goal-oriented environment fosters intellectual freedom and creativity—critical for breakthrough research.  http://www.4dlabs.ca


About Bruker Corporation 

For more than 50 years, Bruker has enabled scientists to make breakthrough discoveries and develop new applications that improve the quality of human life. Bruker’s high-performance scientific research instruments and high-value analytical solutions enable scientists to explore life and materials at molecular, cellular and microscopic levels.
In close cooperation with our customers, Bruker is enabling innovation, productivity and customer success in life science molecular research, in applied and pharma applications, and in microscopy, nano-analysis and industrial applications, as well as in cell biology, preclinical imaging, clinical research, microbiology and molecular diagnostics.  http://www.bruker.com


About Systems for Research

‘SFR’ is the exclusive sales representative for many premier manufacturers of surface characterization and material analysis, in Canada. SFR provides instrumentation that offers advanced analysis down to the nanoscale, to an ever-growing client base, including universities, government agencies, and industrial and health science facilities across Canada. SFR draws on these partnerships, across all industries, by working in collaboration to provide the Canadian market with equipment that is innovative, reliable and supports the needs of the research community. In 2007, SFR expanded to offer both service and support for many of their product lines, with a commitment to fostering an ongoing and long-term relationship with their clients.  http://www.sfr.ca













































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