New Sample Preparation Capabilities

December 01, 2016

4D LABS is pleased to announce a selection of new sample preparation tools targeted for electron microscopy applications that are now available to all of our users.

1. Leica EM ACE600 Carbon & Iridium coating system

  • Deposition of conductive coatings for SEM imaging, using Iridium sputtering or Carbon-rod evaporation 
  • Glow discharge capabilities for producing hydrophilic SEM or TEM samples
  • Quartz crystal monitor for precise thickness control: Typical range 2 – 20 nm
  • Further information available here:

2. Buehler Cast N’ Vac 1000 Sample Embedding system

  • Preparation of embedded samples in cold & hot setting epoxy resins
  • Applicable for ceramics, steels, metals, plastics, minerals, glass, circuit boards, biological samples and more
  • Further information available here:

3. Buehler EcoMet 250 Grinder & Polisher

  • Automated system for the grinding and polishing of embedded samples, offering single and central force modes
  • An 8” platen base and selection of sample holders for 1”, 1.25” & 40 mm epoxy pucks, and 27 x 46 mm glass slides; up to 6 samples at a time can be loaded
  • Further information available here:

4. Leica EM FC7 Cryo Chamber for the EM UC6 Ultramicrotome

  • Preparation of Ultramicrotome sections at cryogenic temperatures (liquid N2)
  • Ability to manipulate the samples and to compensate for charge build-up
  • Further information available here:

For more information, or to arrange training on any of these tools, please contact us at