4D LABS Science Competition

October 29, 2015

4D LABS is planning to host a science competition for grade 6 & 7 school teams. The competition theme will be “edible adhesives”. The entrants will produce an adhesive that must be considered edible and must be composed of ingredients commonly found at grocery stores. On the day of the competitions, the competing teams will have 30min to prepare their adhesives. The adhesives will then be tested on different surfaces and within dry and wet environments. The teams will be judged on the criteria of adhesive strength, adhesive thickness, and overall team innovation.

For the pilot year of the program, we hope to include up to 10-12 teams from 3-4 regions within the Lower Mainland. Teams must have a minimum of 2 students along with a supervising teacher. We plan to hold a regional competition in each (to be determined) region, with the regional winners competing in a finals competition shortly thereafter.

The team entrant registration deadline is planned for early January. The teams will have 3 months to research and test their ideas until the competition date. The regional competitions will take place in the second half of April, with the winning team from each region competing the following month.


We are looking for inspired teachers who are passionate about science and are looking to enter their class (or portion thereof) into our inaugural year of competition.

For more information, or to register, please contact Nathanael Sieb, Director of Operations and Administration, at 778-782-8084 or at sieb@4dlabs.ca. To find out more about 4D LABS, please visit www.4dlabs.ca.


About 4D LABS

4D LABS, is an applications- and science-driven research institute at Simon Fraser University, located in British Columbia, Canada, offering access to multiple facilities housing state-of-the-art equipment for academic, industrial and government researchers. We focus on accelerating the Design, Development, Demonstration and Delivery of advanced functional materials and nanoscale devices. Our goal-oriented environment fosters intellectual freedom and creativity—critical for breakthrough research.  http://www.4dlabs.ca