4D LABS Seminar - Electron Microscopy

January 06, 2016

4D LABS is hosting a series of seminars in 2016 highlighting the capabilities of our facilities to the academic community. In our first event, Dr. Byron Gates will discuss our electron microscopy capabilities, and in particular our state-of-the-art Helios Dual-Beam SEM/FIB system.  He will provide an overview of the tool, its capabilities, and some of the unique applications it can be used for.  We will also have a guest presenter from Dr. Erik Kjeang's research group to discuss their success using this tool to lift-out samples for X-ray tomography analysis.

We hope to see you there!

Date: January 12, 2016

Time: 10:30 am

Location: Room SSB7172 at SFU Burnaby

In the afternoon following the seminar, we will have our Spring 2016 4D LABS orientation session for potential new users.