Student Project Competition Winners – 2010

August 01, 2011

August 2011 marks the end of the 2010 Student Project Competition round where 4D LABS sponsors high-risk, high-reward projects in BC.  Stay tuned for the call for projects for the 2011 Student Project Competition – you could be a winner! 

Featured are 2010 awardees, including: 

C Burrowes (Supv E Girt), Project:  Novel Design for High Density Magnetic Random Access Memory (SFU/Phy)

J Lee (Supv E Kjeang), Project:  Chip Embedded Current Collectors for Microfluidic Fuel Cells (SFU/ENSC)

R Chu (Supv D Broun), Project:  Hall Effect Sensor with Current Perpendicular to Plane (SFU/Phy)

K Wubs (Supv W Kim), Project:  Fabrication of Flexible Strain Sensors for Intelligent Tire (SFU/ENSC)

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