Microtome capabilities

  • < 50 nm ultrathin sectioning
  • Touch screen control panel
  • Stereo microscope for optimised positioning
  • Motorised stage for glass or diamond knives
  • 0.05 to 100 mm/sec cutting rate

 Cryo capabilities:

  • Standard liquid nitrogen temperature sample manipulation
  • High gas flow: increased N2 gas flow reduces ice contamination below -140 °C
  • Wet sectioning: to set a temperature difference of up to 130°C between knife (-40 °C) and specimen (-170 °C), which is useful for, e.g. DMSO applications
  • < 10 % RH allows sections to be cut with minimised contamination by ice crystals

Tool Specs

Tool Status

Manufacturer Leica
Model EM FC7
Typical Application TEM sample preparation
Location 6120.2
Training Contact Xin Zhang - zhang@4dlabs.ca