SEM 1 - Helios

  • Elstar Schottky thermal field emitter with UC technology (monochromator);
  • 0.35 to 30 kV; Electrostatic scanning; Beam deceleration with stage bias from -50 V to -4 kV;
  • 0.8 nm image resolution at 1 kV; 0.7 nm image resolution at 15 kV;
  • Integrated plasma cleaner; Liquid nitrogen cold trap for improving vacuum;
  • SED, in-lens (TLD), Ion Conversion and Electron (ICE), and EDX detectors;
  • Retractable STEM (0.6 nm image resolution) and vCD (BSE) detectors;
  • High precision 5-axes motorized stage; Nav-Cam photo for sample navigation;
  • Tomahawk ion column; 4 nm ion beam image resolution at 30 kV;
  • Gas injection systems (GIS) for Pt deposition and selective carbon etch;
  • Quorum cryo system with Pt sputtering capability for biological samples, solutions, or other soft materials;
  • AutoTEM software and Easylift probe for TEM sample preparation; AutoSlice and View and Amira/Avizo software for 3D data collection and reconstruction.

Tool Specs

Tool Status Up
Manufacturer FEI
Model Helios
Location 6120.5
Related Documents Standard Operating Procedure
Sample Preparation Guidelines
Training Contact Xin Zhang -